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Welcome to Sjostakovitj Centralen!

At this net-station You will be able to find information about the Soviet-Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975). The most important function for this page will be to report on concerts with Shostakovich music in the Nordic Countries. [1] (In the future we will add information on concerts in the Baltic states and the St. Petersburg area. With lesser energy we will also report on concerts with interesting music by other composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, mainly Russian.) Where it is possible, every concert reported on will have a web-link.

Although the aim is to cover most of the concerts given in the five countries, we do not expect to find everything. Hence we welcome input from any interested party. If You have information to relay about concerts, lectures - really anything concerning Dmitri Shostakovich occurrences in the Nordic Countries - please notify us electronically at:

The monthly indexes will be updated by midday sundays, given that there is anything to report on.

On the ninth of august 2000, we solemnise the twenty-fifth year since the death of Shostakovich. Our humble contribution will be to draw attention to Shostakovich concerts in the Nordic Countries. This is to make it easier for the Shostaphile to find musical waterholes as well as being a hitch-hiker's guide to Shostakovich concerts.

2006 marks the centennial of Shostakovich's birth. A year that will be a 365-days marathon worldwide celebrating the composer's memory. Already rumours circulate about upcoming events. As we get closer to this year we will be able to report and post more accurately on these matters.

As a step towards deepening the knowledge and appreciation of Shostakovich You are invited to participate in the creation of a Nordic Shostakovich Society, read more about it here

We have also created a beginners guide to Shostakovich (all IMHO), which you will access by clicking here: to the beginners guide to Shostakovich music on CD

The linkpage will take you to the most important sites with Shostakovich knowledge, IMHO. New links will be added as they turn up, or when You, dear reader, report on such. Preferably by email:

1: Sweden (.SE), Denmark (.DK), Norway (.NO), Finland (.FI), Iceland (.IS) - The parentezised abbreviations are used in the announcement sections to point to which country is involved.
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