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These links are a selection of the most intresting DDS sites:

A great way to lern more about Shostakovich is to join the DSCH-l mailing list.
You can find subscribing information here:

You can search and read the lists collected archives since its creation 1997 here:

Music under Soviet Rule

Ian Macdonald's Music under Soviet rule: Always provocative, stimulating and enlightening.
Music under Soviet Rule

MUSOV: Shostakovichiana page

This link takes You straight to the Shostakovich section of Music under Soviet Rule. To Shostakovichiana

The Shostakovich Journal homepageThe Shostakovich Journal homepage
DSCH Journal/A picture of DDS from 1925

The DSCH Journal, the information bulletin of the Shostakovian world.
Site includes subscription details and excerpts from its printed pages.

The DSCH Journal - With lots of recording information

Richard Greenough's page with information about many
of the intresting recordings of Shostakovich music

Onno van Rijen's Russian music pages.

Onno van Rijen's 20th century Soviet/Russian Composers pages.
The Soviet Composers page
Hosting many composers biographies/opus lists
as well as an indexes of the majority of CD releases of Soviet music.

with a special section hosting Information on Shostakovich

Onno van Rijen's 20th century Soviet/Russian Composers pages.
DDS Opuses and recordings.
Undeniably Dmitri Shostakovich is the greatest Soviet composer.
Here you can find a complete Shostakovich' opus list.
You can check by opusnumber and by opusname. The lists offer links to CD-recordings. So you can see all Shostakovich works which have been released in CD-format.

Centre Chostakovich in Paris
Centre Chostakovich
At the DaVinci University in Paris, France.
It is a research facility dedicated to the study of Shostakovich.
With one of the most comprehensive collections
of DDS related materials outside Russia.

The Serafino Trio siteThe Serafino Trio, based in Mallorca, Spain
You should Listen to their New recording of
Shostakovich 2'nd Piano Trio

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