Nordic Shostakovich Society
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The Nordic Shostakovich Society

Founded 9 August 2000

On August 9, 1975 in his sixty-ninth year Dmitri Dmitrievich Shostakovich passed away. Many would agree that his monumental life work forms the most important artistic document of our times. He left a permanent and inevitable mark that no one can escape from on all musical forms and genres. Each work triggered a fight. Each work placed itself in the middle of the ever ongoing struggle for human dignity and freedom, and will continue to do so, because as Shostakovich himself so precisely expressed it:
"History, as we see, repeats itself."

Sofia Khentova phrased it:
"Everything he wrote was, in essence, a protest against slavery; music, the creative process, remained the last refuge of the free spirit".

Shostakovich himself wrote:
"We need brave music. I mean brave, because it is truthful"

Through the last years the interest in Shostakovich music has steadily grown in the northern countries. This has been possible through the devotion and artistic insight of great orchestral directors and devoted soloists and chamber musicians. Maybe it would be right to maintain that through the intense cultivation of Shostakovich heritage in the nordic countries the artistic niveau has seen a remarkable growth. The music of Shostakovich has been a catalyzer for artistic excellence. But it has also contributed to a better understanding of the function and place of music in contemporary society.

To continue and intensify this trend and to work for an ever wider understanding and appreciation of Shostakovich' music in the northern countries we invite You to become a member of a Nordic Shostakovich Society. The formal founding of the society took place in Oslo, Norway on 9 August 2000 to commemorate the 25 years passing of the Composer s death.

We invite all interested in membership to indicate this through sending an e-mail to:

Kjell Skyllstad: or

Peter Lundin:

More Information

To get a more active Nordic Shostakovich Society we have set up a mailing list for all members to use. To subscribe You have two options, either vissit the following page at Yahoo:

Or send an e- mail with blank subject and message fields to:

The list is open to all members, where You can post information about upcoming events/concerts, discuss the life and person of Shostakovich and why not a discussion about what use and purpouse the society should have! - when subscribed to the list You send your messages to:

At this list is completely moderated, important that its members attain a strict *neticett* to avoid as much 'spam' as possible.

Please give us your thoughts on the activities of the new society.

For the founding committee
Kjell Skyllstad - Oslo, Norway
Peter Lundin - Gothenburg, Sweden