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    Cuba condemns aggression against Serbian
    people before Human Rights Commission

    DURING theMarch 26 session of the Human Rights Commission (HRC), Juan Antonio Fernández,
    a member of the Cuban delegation, once again spoke on behalf of Cuba, on thisoccasion
    to condemn the repugnant violation of millions of innocent people's human rights bythe brutal
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) air attacks.

    "Madam Chairperson:

    "While this commission proceeds at rapid pace to complete ouragenda, very close to us bombs are falling on Belgrade. Those who have launched thisbarbaric aggression are the very persons who, both historically and in recent times, havefomented ethnic, national and religious contradictions in that multinational country.

    "Cuba refuses to remain indifferent to the fact that those verypersons who have just unleashed a barbaric war of aggression, extermination anddismemberment against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia can stand here in this Palace ofNations and speak in such a hypocritical manner.

    "The supreme commander of the NATO forces, using words thatcall into question his humanity, has ordered his forces to attack, destroy andsystematically and progressively devastate. One man is being blamed as a way of explainingthe genocide unleashed by the North Atlantic military alliance and the United Statesagainst children, women, the elderly, young people and the entire Serbian people.

    "How can that be justified by stating that the weapons ofextermination will serve to save other lives? However smart those bombs are, they areblind. The bombs that are today falling on Pristina, Pancevo and other cities in theFederal Republic of Yugoslavia are the same that could again fall on Kabul, Khartoum,Tripoli, Baghdad, Benghazi or anywhere else; they do not distinguish between the childrenof Jesus Christ and those of Allah, between soldiers and civilians, between Serbs andKosovars, between adults and newborn infants.

    "We shouldn't let ourselves be deceived. The powerful'sdivide-and-conquer tactic is as old as humanity itself; but if we abide by historicaltruth rather than its crude manipulation, one must condemn in this forum those who, byidentifying with only one of the parties' erroneous actions or practices that haveoccurred in that territory, are really attempting to stigmatize in the eyes of the world anation and its entire people, one that over the centuries has defended its dignity andindependence like few others.

    "An unusual and abusive publicity, political and finally armedexperiment is currently attempting to destroy the pride of that people, to humiliate itand bring it to its knees through an unacceptable settling of accounts in response to thatindomitable spirit of defiance, demonstrated by its heroic resistance to the Nazi hordes.

    "Little and poor Cuba, likewise brutally besieged, defamed andblockaded, but with all the moral authority which emanates from its example, demands theinstant cessation of the aggression. It likewise demands respect for the sovereignty andterritorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and calls for the renewal ofnegotiations for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

    "The peoples of Yugoslavia deserve a real rather than animposed, contemptible peace manipulated by foreign intervention forces. We are sure thatthe aggressor will pay dearly for the enormous error of committing such a crime, and thatthe world will respond quickly."

    In the interest of time, restricted to only three minutes, the Cubandelegate did not read out two important paragraphs of his speech, which state:

    "If lucidity was to prevail in terms of human destiny, all ofthe rights of every man and woman on the planet and the stability and survival of nationalstates, nobody would accept the horrific unipolar inferno that NATO, with the UnitedStates at the head, is attempting to impose on the rest of the world.

    "Millions of persons throughout the world see the use of forceas a defeat for humanity, profoundly hate injustice, and condemn the abuse ofinternational law, political and military blackmail and the wholesale, flagrant andsystematic violation of human rights of peoples who, lamentably, this Commission appearsto evade with politicized, manipulated debates and grave risks to freedom ofexpression."

    These two paragraphs were circulated as part of the text of thespeech distributed to Commission delegates.

    After Fernández' speech, the HRC chairperson raised an objection tothe relevance of the statement formulated by Cuba, and asked for an explanation. In thename of the Cuban delegation, Juan A. Fernández restated the island's right to respond tothe defense of the NATO attack by some members of the institution during the session.

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