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ToolVersionRelease date
HTML mode3.2b119 July 2003
CSS mode2.2b119 July 2003
JavaScript mode1.1.225 June 2000
Frontier menu2.1.530 April 1999

"BBEdit may get lots of good press, but the shareware
text editor Alpha beats it in the area of HTML features."

Editors' choice of HTML text tool
Macworld, USA, May 98

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About Alpha

Alpha, by Pete Keleher, is an incredibly cool shareware programming editor which has more than 25 different modes, one for each programming language in the universe, for example C/C++, Java, Perl. It has also an excellent LaTeX mode and some WWW tools, which I happen to be the author of. In fact, Alpha has many authors. Pete Keleher has written the Alpha application itself, but Alpha can be extended indefinitely using Tcl scripting. Many people have contributed with Tcl scripts to Alpha. Pete Keleher is currently not actively maintaining Alpha, but the updating of Alpha's Tcl scripts continues with Vince Darley as the co-ordinator and as one of the main Tcl writers. Work is also going on with the Alpha application itself. A group of volounteers, the Alpha Cabal, is working on the development of Alpha 8.

Although Alpha is a programming editor you don't have to be a programmer to use it for editing HTML files, except that you have to know the basics of HTML. On the other hand, as just mentioned, Alpha is scriptable in Tcl. If you have programming experience you can extend Alpha by writing your own functions.

Alpha gives you real power editing text documents. It has too many features to list them all here, but filesets and multifile search and replace are two features worth mentioning, which are very useful when maintaining a home page.

Comments I've got about Alpha's WWW tools

Beats the hell out of BBEdit.

Baron Lowery,

I just TOTALLY convinced someone of the utility of Alpha by letting him play with your Table Template. Fantastic.

Scott Brim,

Your HTML mode for Alpha is wonderful -- the best editor I've seen. We've used BBedit (currently at v4.0.1) for quite a while on our website, but I've never seen an editor with the depth and breadth of features your html mode has.

Paul Pershing,

Boy, is this an improvement over BBEdit!

Charles Brown,

I can't imagine trying to write web pages without Alpha and HTML mode!


I've installed every HTML editor--WYSIWYG and not--under the sun. I've deinstalled all of them except one: Alpha with HTML mode.

John Johnson,