CSS mode

CSS mode is intended for editing of CSS documents (suffix .css). To manually switch to CSS mode select CSS in the mode menu in the status bar. CSS mode provides dialogs for editing CSS properties as well as keyword coloring, word completion, and the basic editing features, indent on return, electric semicolon, and electric braces.

CSS in HTML mode

All CSS functionality in CSS mode is also available in HTML mode. You can say that between <STYLE> tags in an HTML document Alpha behaves as if it were in CSS mode.

Shared key bindings with HTML mode

The HTML element names can be used in the selectors in CSS. To save you key strokes the key bindings for the HTML element can be used to insert the HTML element names. If you for example hit ctrl-cmd-Q, which is the key binding for BLOCKQUOTE in HTML mode the text BLOCKQUOTE is inserted in the CSS document.

Whenever you change a key binding for a menu item for an HTML element in HTML mode, the corresponding key binding in CSS mode is changed.

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