CSS preferences

CSS prefs

Create missing file without asking when cmd-double-clicking a link
If checked and you cmd-double-click a link pointing to a file which does not exist, Alpha will create an empty file and open it without first asking you if you want to create the file. By default you are asked before the file is created. This setting is synchronized with the same setting in HTML mode.
Cmd-double-clicking on non-text file link opens file
If checked, and you cmd-double-click on a link pointing to a non-text file it is opened in the application it was created in. If not checked, nothing happens when you click on such a link. By default the file is opened. This setting is synchronized with the same setting in HTML mode.
Use lowercase for HTML element names
If checked, Alpha will insert HTML names in lowercase when you use the key binding for an HTML element, or when you use word completion to complete an HTML element name. By default uppercase is used.
Electric Braces, Electric Semicolon, Indent On Return
See the Electrics page.
Color of keywords
The color of keywords in CSS. The default is blue.
Color of comments
The color of comments. The default is red.
Color of HTML
The color of HTML elements. The default is magenta.
wordBreak and wordBreakPreface
These two control which characters build up words. Do not change them unless you know what you are doing.

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