Document utilities

Document utilities This page documents the four last functions of the HTML Utilities menu.

Last Modified...
Adds tags to the document which makes it possible to automatically update the date and time when the document is saved. Two tags inside HTML comments are inserted:
<!-- #LASTMODIFIED TEXT="some text" FORM="date format" LANG="language"-->
some text and date

Whenever the document is saved the date is updated. Do not write anything between the comment tags. It will be removed when the document is saved.

Character translation is done automatically of the text and date.

Last modified

When you use Last Modified... in the HTML Utilities menu a dialog box is opened where you can specify:

Note! The short time format can be confusing. For example 4/5/66 means 4 May 1966 in some parts of the world and April 5, 1966 in other parts.

Document Type...
Inserts a document type declaration at the top of the document. If there already is one, it is replaced.

Document type

Document size
Calculates the size of the current window including images etc. The following limitations apply:
Document index...
Makes an index of the document with an item for each header H1-6. If there already exists an index in the document it is replaced, otherwise a new one is inserted at the current position.

Document index

The index can be done using either PRE or an UL list. When Alpha makes the index it goes through the window and looks for all headers. If there is an anchor <A NAME="..."> inside a header that anchor is used when building the index, otherwise an anchor is inserted inside the header. Alpha then inserts

<!-- #DOCINDEX TYPE="PRE,3" DEPTH="6" -->
the index
<!-- /#DOCINDEX -->

The index consists of a list with links to the various headers.

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