Uploading files with FTP

FTP menu The FTP menu contains functions for uploading your home page to an ftp server. In order to do so Alpha needs a helper application to do the uploading. Fetch, Interarchy, and NetFinder are the three ftp applications Alpha can talk to. Note! If you use NetFinder together with Alpha, NetFinder 2.1.2 or later is strongly recommended.

In order to use HTML mode's ftp functions you must provide information about the ftp server of your home pages. See the page about configuring HTML mode.

Save to FTP Server
This is the basic function for uploading files. It first saves the current window to the disk and then uploads it to your ftp server.

If Alpha doesn't know your password you are asked for it. (The text box is made so narrow that it is impossible to see what you type.)

Forget Passwords
Makes Alpha forget all passwords, except those which you specified when you configured HTML mode.
Upload Home Page...
This function lets you intelligently upload all files in a home page folder by uploading only those which are locally modified. This function works a little differently depending on which ftp application you use together with Alpha.

Uploading with Interarchy

This works in the same way as using the FTP Mirror item in Interarchy's File menu and choosing your home page folder as source folder. See Interarchy's documentation for details how the mirror upload works with Interarchy. Note that Interarchy deletes remote files not found locally.

Uploading with Fetch

Fetch does not have a built in mirror function and therefore uploading with Fetch is more primitive. You have to specify yourself which files to upload by telling it to upload those files which have been modified within a certain period of time. When using Fetch a dialog box is first opened asking you about this before the upload starts.

Fetch mirror

Uploading with NetFinder

This works in the same way as NetFinder's built in mirror functionality, but there are some technicalities you need to be aware of. NetFinder uses mirror lists to do the mirroring. Therefore Alpha needs to know which mirror list file to use when telling NetFinder to start uploading. There are two options:

NetFinder Mirror Files...
To select a mirror list file for a home page folder. If none is selected when you use Upload Home Page with NetFinder, you will be asked for one. You can choose to use a generic one, which means that Alpha creates a mirror file each time you want to upload, or select a mirror list file you have created in NetFinder.

Mirror file

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