Creating lists

List menu The Lists menu contains a number of functions for creating lists.

Make List...
Makes a list of the text in a selection. If you, for example, have a list
* item one
* item two 
* item two
and a half
* item three

you can make an HTML list of them. First select the lines with the items, before you choose "Make list" from the menu. You are then presented with a dialog shown below where you can specify

Make list

The result in this case will be

    <LI>item one
    <LI>item two
    <LI>item two and a half
    <LI>item three
Unordered List, Ordered List, Directory, Menu
Functions to create list of the types UL, OL, DIR, and MENU respectively.

When you make a list you are first asked how many items you want and, in some cases, if you want to be asked about attributes for each list item. You are then asked about attributes for the list element and finally, if you have said so, about attributes for each list item.

UL list

For example, choosing three list items would insert the template


If you select some text before creating the list it will be inserted as the first list item.

List Item
Inserts an <LI> element. Alpha checks in which list this item will appear and ask you about the appropriate attributes.
Definition List
Function to create a definition list, DL. As for the other list is ask you how many items you want and then ask you about the attributes for DL, and optionally for each DD and DT.

DL list

Choosing three items would insert the template

Definition Entry
Inserts a template for a new entry in a definition list.

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