How to use template stops

When you insert HTML elements via the HTML menu you will see bullet characters (), called template stops, being inserted after the element. These stops are supposed to be a feature. The way to use them is the following: Suppose you want to insert a header H1. First choose "Header 1" from the menu. In the document will now be inserted


with the insertion point between the H1 tags. Now first type the header text:

<H1>My header|</H1>

When you have done so, hit tab and the insertion point will jump to the stop and delete it. You are now ready to continue typing.

<H1>My header</H1>|

If your document has been cluttered with template stops, which you do not want to use, you can remove them all with shift-ctrl-tab. If you do not want to use template stops at all, you can change Alpha's behavior in the general preferences dialog, so that the stops are not inserted.

You can customize which key takes you to the next template stop. This is done using Special Keys in the Config menu. Both Next Stop and Next Stop Or Indent can be used to define keys which takes you to the next template stop.

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