Javascript reference for ALPHA

This is a q&d realization of a Javascript reference using a clickable index. It is written for use with the ALPHA editor for Macintosh. In a alphabetic list of all the functions, objects and methods of Javascript, a click brings you to a description of the function with exact syntax and examples. It's annoying to use Netscape's JS-reference, because it is written in HTML and you need to view it in your browser, which serves also as development tool for your javascript code. Netscape is far too slow, even offline, to use it for a quick glance at a reference.

The Javascript 1.2 reference contains the documentation at
This doc is preliminary, check What's new in Javascript 1.2 for Netscape's updates.

I use this index quite often, so maybe it's useful for somebody else too.

Johan Linde's new version (2.0.2 and later) of the HTML mode for Alpha works close together with JSreference. In his Javascript mode, cmd-double click on a Javascript-keyword in your document links to the syntax description of the keyword.


The folder JSreference has to reside in the ALPHA folder. Make an alias of the index file (you can rename the alias to whatever you want, for example "Javascript Reference") and put it into the Help folder within your ALPHA folder. The next time you start ALPHA, you can open the index under ALPHA's Help menu, and you see a alphabetic list of hyperlinks, that lead you to a syntax description.
The cool thing about it is the cmd-double-click on a js keyword, that pops up syntax description.
(If you use Johan Linde's HTML mode for Alpha)


Javascript reference v1.0 (ca 200k)
The new (preliminary) version with Javascript 1.2 syntax, server-side javascript and JSObject packages

Comments, bugreports and suggestions are welcome!
Wolfgang Haeuptli

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