AlphaTk is effectively a re-implementation by Vince Darley of Alpha by emulating its inner functionality in Tcl/Tk. AlphaTk is an excellent choice for Alpha lovers forced to use Windows or Unix or any other OS where Tcl/Tk runs. On this page you will find some information about my WWW tools with respect to AlphaTk.

HTML and CSS modes

Most features are compatible with AlphaTk, but I haven't done very much testing. You can download the latest version of HTML and CSS modes for AlphaTk at the bottom of this page.

JavaScript mode

The latest version of JavaScript mode is bundled with AlphaTk and is fully compatible.

Frontier menu

The Frontier menu is only of any use on the Mac OS platform, as it is used to communicate with Frontier. Although Frontier exists for Windows I have no plans to port Frontier menu to Windows. Thus, Frontier menu is useless together with AlphaTk.


AlphaTk requires that you have Tcl/Tk installed. You can download the lastest version from Scriptics.

The latest version of AlphaTk can be found at

Finally you can here download the latest version of HTML and CSS modes:

HTML and CSS modes for Windows.

Documentation for Windows.

HTML and CSS modes for Unix.

Documentation for Unix.

In order to install HTML and CSS modes open the file "READ ME TO INSTALL" with AlphaTk and select "Install this package" from the Install menu.

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