Alpha HTML Mode

What is it? Alpha is a text editor for the Mac. It's the creation of Pete Keleher and has a popular following among programmers.

Johan Linde is the author of HTML mode, a suite of extensions that makes Alpha a powerful and versatile web editor.

Alpha HTML mode is...
* Easy to use.
If you know HTML and you've used other Mac text editors, you can be up to speed with Alpha HTML mode very quickly.

* Comprehensive.
HTML mode supports HTML 3.2, Netscape 3.0 extensions, and JavaScript. Alpha also has a Java mode, so you can work in the same environment to develop applets.

* Well-documented.
HTML mode comes with lots of online help plus a detailed manual. Every command is explained and illustrated.

* Affordable.
Alpha is shareware and costs US$30. HTML mode is free. Both are updated regularly. (HTML mode is included in the Alpha package.)

Should I be 
		interested? Definitely! If you want a solid, efficient, non-WYSIWYG editor that cooperates with your other net tools, is highly configurable, and helps you do productive work quickly, you should try Alpha HTML mode.
OK. Tell me more... On this site, you'll find an overview with some examples of ways that HTML mode saves you time, the complete HTML mode manual, and links to download the software.

We (the hosts of this site) are just happy users of the software. If you have comments or questions, please contact the authors: Johan Linde (for HTML mode) and Pete Keleher (for Alpha).

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