Alpha HTML Mode

In this overview we'll list some of Alpha HTML mode's features, then give a few practical examples of how it makes coding easier.

Features? Here's a quick rundown...

* Efficient, accurate HTML editing. Non-WYSIWYG for control over every aspect of coding. Apply HTML elements and attributes with either a dialog or command line interface. Provides an easy way of extending HTML packages with non-standard elements.
* Superior text editing. Every menu item can be assigned a keyboard shortcut. Supports syntax colouring, drag-and-drop, smart indentation and wrapping, unlimited undo and redo, and extensive control over window and menu displays. Global translation of special characters to and from HTML entities. Many text utilities (word count, compare, etc.). Supports the freeware Excalibur spellchecker (which has an HTML dictionary).
* Collaborates with other net tools. Uses Internet Config for access to email, telnet, ftp, etc. One keystroke sends the current HTML file to a web browser. Support for local and remote link checking using HTML mode's own link checker or François Pottier's shareware utility, Big Brother.
* Site maintenance tools. Powerful search-and-replace across multiple files. Conversion of NCSA and CERN to client-side image maps. Support for dynamically included content (footers, graphics, modification dates, etc.). Files may be moved between folders with automatic updating of links. Read and write in Mac, Unix, or PC text formats.
* Frugal with system resources. Alpha is fast, stable, and has a modest appetite for RAM. Available in both 68k and PPC native versions.

What's it like to work with? Alpha HTML mode is designed to help you work efficiently. It is also highly configurable. In most cases the default settings are fine, but if a feature doesn't work the way you want, you can change it.

Here are some examples to give you a flavour for Alpha HTML mode in normal use...

  1. The HTML mode desktop
  2. Applying HTML tags
  3. Editing HTML containers
  4. Using filesets
  5. Dynamically included files

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