Example 5. Dynamically included files

Fig.1 Include tags...
Fig.1 Include tags...
"Dynamically included files" sounds like rocket science but it's really just another (very useful) way of doing multifile search-and-replace.

Consider this situation. You're creating a site for a retailer who has a Weekly Special that you want to feature as a sidebar in several pages. The material consists of text, an image, and an order form link. Every week you'll need to update each occurence of the sidebar with new information.

The efficient way of doing it is to have the Weekly Special contained in its own file. Then, in each of the pages where it is to be displayed, use HTML mode's Insert Include Tags command (under the HTML Utilities -> Includes menu) to copy the contents of the Weekly Special file and place it between "include" tags (Fig.1).

Now all you need to do next week is update the Weekly Special file, then use the Update Home Page command once to replace all the text between the include tags in every file in which they occur.

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