The East Wilds of Ralios

In a forgotten, out-of-the-way corner of the mysterious land knownas Ralios, there dwells a heartily barbaric collection of Orlanthitribes. They are so barbaric, in fact, that their wannabee-civilizedneighbours haughtily refer to their lands as the "Wilds" or to bemore specific "East Wilds" (distinguishing them from northern andsouthern areas of wilderness, no doubt). This Web page is dedicatedto our vision of what the East Wilds are like.

So who are "we"? Chaos Apes is a group of gamers in Göteborg, Sweden who have been active in the hobby for a long time now - some of us since the late seventies. For many years, the cornerstones of our gaming were RuneQuest and Glorantha. During this period we were responsible for the RuneQuest tournament at GothCon (the largest gaming convention in northern Europe, and the oldest in the world - taking place once a year since 1977) for 10 consecutive years. The tournament scenarios and other adventures that took place between conventions formed themselves into a more or less epic campaign. And they were the groundwork for the material you will find here.

I'm not going to go into the details of which parts are straightfrom the original campaign, which are modified and which were writtenafterwards. Neither am I going to tell the story of our efforts toget our work published in some form somewhere. Suffice to say thatwork on (and gaming in) the campaign has been halted, largely becauseof our being forced to spend longer and longer amounts of time in thereal world. But I feel that this material still might be ofsome interest or use to someone, so I'm making itavailable to the Net community.

A few words should be said in explanation, though. These textswere written at different points in time, for different purposes,with different ideas in mind. Thus, they don't mesh perfectly. Infact, they often contradict each other (to mention just one example,the Lhankor Mhy cult is portrayed in the Cat scenario as thesemi-comical anchronisms we know from Dragon Pass, an interpretationwe later abandoned). They also contradict some material publishedafter we stopped working on them (specifically, the Broken CouncilGuidebook). You'll have to judge for your selves which versions youprefer.

Something you might might wonder about are the occasional references in this material to various maps. Unfortunately, we've mislaid some of these (the large ones, showing where the tribes and landmarks are), and the others (cities, towns and adventure locations) mainly have legends in Swedish. Of course, we still know what the lost maps looked like, and doing English versions of the others is entirely possible. Some day I might do something about this...

The Credits: Writing was done by Sten Åhrman, HenrikGudmundsson, Dag Olausson and myself. I also translated into Englishwhen necessary. Torulf Greek was a helpful commentator and map-maker.During the last phase of work, David Dunham provided inspiration fromhisEastRalios campaign. (And if I ever get around to my plannedrewrite of the History, it will bear the mark of a discussion I hadwith Shannon Appel on the subject.)

Note: Some of the following (the first part of Growing Pains and the Istakax description) has been published in TradeTalk, #3 and 6. It was slightly edited and updated for this purpose, but the old versions are still available here.

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