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Jimmy Dawkins live 1999

Jimmy Dawkins played on a ten day tour in Sweden. I had the privilege to witness Jimmy´s show on Friday 12th of February, 1999, in Uppsala. Jimmy was backed by the excellent Swedish band Blue Hammer (visit their homepage), shortly to release their first CD, where especially the guitarist Thomas Hammarlund shined with clean straight black blues guitar, both in his solos and as rhythm guitar. I was a bit worried before the concert, reports had told Jimmy and the band wasn´t well rehearsed and that Jimmy just played bits and pieces from standard blues songs. Much to my relief Jimmy and the band at this concert, one of the last concerts, were very tight and Jimmy played through his songs concentrated and with full force. It´s just too bad I couldn´t be at the last concert in Västerås of which I´m convinced, as I write this at the very same night as I´ve seen Jimmy, is coming to be the very best concert of the tour.

No more talk, click on the pictures and see for yourself. (The pictures are rather big, be patient or check back in a few days and check out the thumbnails.


Tommy Jansson