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Jimmy Dawkins live at the Mönsterås Blues festival 1999


Jimmy Dawkins in Mönsterås. A good band, Derrick Big Walker & the Blue Souls. Jimmy was in great shape, playing his guitar like possessed. Squeezing and cutting and wailing out his soul through his guitar. Do I need to say I thought it was a great concert. I heard some people though, who didn´t like the show. Listen. You can´t compare Jimmy with other slick blues artists. His music isn´t rehearsed. His solos isn´t well planned and the same every night. Jimmy´s music is all about feelings and intuition. It´s Blues. The real Blues. Not the washed up kind you can hear on the radio. Jimmy is the real deal. Take it or leave it, but don´t criticize it.

Here´s the songs he played:


Tommy Jansson