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Live! (Rumble RR 1003). [LP] 1982.
Hip Linkchain, v. 1-4, g, Jimmy Dawkins v. 5-6, g, Rich Kirch, g,
Danny Myers, Mark Rubell, b, Ralph Lapetino kbd, Bob Richey, Moe Baker,d

1. Mother-In-Law Blues
2. Bloodstain On The Walls
3. Hideaway
4. Little Red Rooster
5. Sounds Of West Side Chicago
6. Boogie Chillun

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Jimmy shares the album with the great Hip Linkchain. The Lp is more Hip´s than Dawkins´. Jimmy really just have two tracks, Sounds of West Side and Boogie Chillun. Jimmy also plays guitar on Little Red Rooster. The sound quality is Ok, although I´ve heard better! Jimmy is in great shape! He seems real angry with something! Too bad there´s only one real Jimmy Dawkins track and even that one is faded out. If there hade been 8 Jimmy Dawkins songs with this attitude the album would have been lethal, but now it would have been better as a single with one track from each artist. Hip Linkchain seems to enjoy his set more, but I think he´s better on the live MCM from the seventies or on his studio albums.

Tommy Jansson