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All for business. Delmark DS-634 [LP]=Delmark DE-634 [CD]. 1971

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v (4,10). Big Voice Odom: v. Otis Rush: g. Jim Conley: ts. Sonny Thompson: p,org. Ernest Gatewood: b. Robert Crowder: d (1,8,10)1. Charles Hicks: d.

  1. All for business (4.41)
  2. Cotton country (4.41)
  3. Moon man (4.58)
  4. Down so long (3.59)
  5. Welfare blues (4.29)
  6. Having such a hard time (3.40)
  7. Sweet home Chicago (7.20)
  8. Born in poverty (7.25)
    On CD only:
  9. Jammin´ with Otis (8.45)
  10. Hippies playground (3.18)
  11. Moon man (4.15)

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This is one of the classic albums in blues history. Recorded October 27 and November 1 in 1971 you can feel the dark and cold autumn weather when you listen to the album. The band is hard-core Chicago and Jimmy Dawkins gives ample proof of why he was considered as on of the best guitar players in Chicago at the time. Jimmy plays in his concentrated, yet fluid, style. He hadnīt yet started to break up his playing as he did a couple of years later. This is the Fast Fingers whoīs playing.

Tommy Jansson