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All Blues. JSP 1102. [LP] 1985.

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v. Phil Guy, g. Professor Eddie Lusk, p, kbd. Fred Barnes. b. Michael Scott, d.

  1. (If you got to) Love somebody
  2. Easy baby
  3. That's all right
  4. I feel so bad
  5. You don't love me
  6. Dust my blues jam

Review (++)

Before I heard this album I thought it would be awful. But since my expectations was way low, so when I finally hear it I find the album is not without its charm. The sound quality is like a homemade recording on a little portable tape recorder. Jimmy has far more attack in both his singing and in the guitarplaying than on his JSP studio album, which really doesn´t say a lot since the JSP studio album is in a total loss of energy. The band is rather lame here, it´s the few signs of Jimmy´s aggressivity that makes the album listenable - and I like the metallic sound he has. Of all Jimmy´s livesets this is the least interesting, but still it´s Jimmy Dawkins. The songlist is very much a typical Dawkins concert - I guess he has had these songs in his repertoir since the early eighties. It´s a pity he doesn´t do more of his own songs live.

1. (If you got to) Love somebody
A nice start with a live feeling. On a concert you can stand the bad mix, stiff drums, clinky piano. The Main Man is coming up, you´ve had a drink or two. It´s confessin' time. You clap your hands. The intro is looong. Mr Dawkins comes in - plays some hot guitar. But at home you realize nothing more happens. The groove doesn´t build up to climax. The first chords sounds like the last chords - no intensity change at all. When Jimmy almost gets loose on the guitar, there´s an organ solo.In the end Jimmy takes some mean notes but when the band finally tries to answers him it´s too late.

2. Easy Baby
On Jimmy and Hip Live I went crazy over the West Side song there, and the signs of greatness are here as well! Not as intense as on the Hip album, but still Jimmy burns, fat guitar, the band actually does a great job here. I have said it on almost every album I reviewed, but those chords Jimmy plays. Lord.

3. That´s all right
Another one of Jimmy´s live favourites, and it´s one of the best takes I´ve heard him do. He plays guitar with a snarling mean tone in the intro and he singing is earnest.. Professor Lusks piano sneaks in and for once lifts the song, unfortunately he changes to an organ sound instead. A down home feeling with some burning guitar.

4, Feel so bad
After the first side build up of intensity I had hopes that the b-side would pick up the beat, but instead the intensity drops. There´s almost some attack on the fretboard from Jimmy, otherwise this take is quite boring.

5. You don´t love me
Well, the typical You don´t love me riff makes this song move forward and Professor Lusk shows how thin and ugly a synthezeiser could sound 1985.

6. Dust my blues jam
The title says it all. After Jimmy´s intro solo you can safely go and make some coffee, read the paper twice and then come back when Jimmy says goodnight. The fills between are a jawn.

Tommy Jansson