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American Livinī Blues festival Paris Album C 3346/7 [LP; 3 tracks on anthology]=EPM FDC 5513 [CD] 1982.

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v. Rich Kirch: g. Larry Martin: g. Syl Boines: b. Jimmy Schutte: d. Abb Locke: ts.

  1. Donīt chīa wanna know (4.28)
  2. Sound of the West side (5.26)
  3. Paris Jam (9.35)
 American livinī blues festival 1982 Lp cover

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Not much to say of these tracks. They are recorded during an European tour in 1982. Richard Kirch, Larry Martin, g, Sylvester Boines, b, Abb Locke, sax, and Jimmie Schutte drums backs Jimmy Dawkins. These tracks shows Jimmy Dawkins still could play raw and hot guitar. The sound is not as tough as it could be, although Jimmy's attack is powerful.

Tommy Jansson