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American Folk Blues Festival '72 (L+R LS 42.018=Atlantic G 60036 2 tracks on anthology [LP].)
Munich, 26 Oct 1972

Jimmy Dawkins: g. Andrew Odom, v. Uknown on , g. (might be jesse Williams), dr and b.

  1. Don't ever leave me
  2. Got my mojo workin'
 Blue Ice cover


Don´t ever leave me (5.01)
Jimmy Dawkins in 1972. Andrew Odom sings in his typical fullthroated style. Jimmy throws in some mean chords and plays a very typical Dawkin solo with stinging high notes and tremolo licks. A good song and the audience seems to appreciate it.

Got my mojo workin´ (4.30)
A full speed take and Jimmy seems to enjoy playing dirty back up guitar. Jesse Williams more clean guitar makes a nice contrast. In Jimmy´s third solo every note is on the verge of turning into tremolo licks. Highly enjoyable.


Tommy Jansson