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B Phur Real. Wild Dog 9110-2. 1995.

Jimmy Dawkins: v,g. LeBron Scott: b. Wayne Goins: g (solo on 8). Henry Parrilla: p. Bryan Cole: d. John Reid: hornarrangements. Nick Longo: sax. John Longo: sax.

  1. Two timin´ lover (5.20)
  2. Lonesome blues (6.03)
  3. It ain´t love (6.14)
  4. B phur real (8.44)
  5. Walk with me (4.58)
  6. Begging business (3.44)
  7. You got it, baby (7.20)
  8. Can´t hide my love (5.09)

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Only a year after "Blues and Pain" was released Jimmy had a new album out. I bought the album with the last nickels deep down in my pocket, I was totally broke. Was it worth living on water and bread for two weeks? No! I could had saved my money and bought food instead. "B phur Real" is not as good as "Blues and Pain". The songs are generally too long and the organ is often replaced with a piano. The production of the album is at the same time tougher and lighter. Jimmy's guitar is higher mixed and the drums are a little heavier, but at the same time the piano gives the production more air.

Tommy Jansson