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Blisterstring. Delmark DS-641 [LP]=Delmark DE-641 [CD]. 1976

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v. Jimmy Johnson: g. Sylvester Boines: b. Tyrone Centuray: d. Sonny Thompson: p.

  1. Feel so bad (7.30)
  2. Blue monday (4.33)
  3. Chitlins con carne (3.46)
  4. If you´re ready (4.58)
  5. Blues with a feeling (5.46)
  6. Ode to Billie Joe (4.32)
  7. Welfare line (7.47)
  8. She got the Blues too (only on CD) (6.55)
  9. Shuffling the blues (only on CD) (4.45)
  10. Peeple will talk (only on CD) (6.10)
  11. Sea of luv (only on CD) (3.42)

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Review (+++++)

In 1976 Jimmy Dawkins returned to the Delmark label. The credits for this must go to the albums producer Steve Tomashefsky. He even was ready to pay for the sessions if Bob Koester didn´t like the recordings. The goal with the recordings was to capture how the Jimmy Dawkins band sounded live at the time. If you compare this album with the actual live recordings available from the same time I can´t say the goal is achieved - luckily enough! The live recordings are full of lengthy guitar solos over slow shuffles. Not too inspiring... Blisterstring on the other hand showcases the whole band, not just Jimmy´s guitar. Jimmy Johnson plays excellent rhythm guitar, Sonny Thompson´s piano fits surprisingly well and Sylvester Boines and Tyrone Centuray is a driving solid funky blues rhythm section. I think this is the best band Jimmy Dawkins ever had. 
This is a complex album. The first time I heard it, on the ugly yellow and gray vinyl, I didn´t like it. The wahwah effects, the at first hand sloppy backup and Jimmy´s hoarse voice - it all seemed as a big disappointment. Today I think this is the most interesting and most exciting and actually the best album Jimmy Dawkins ever made. Take a look at Blue Dog News 9 for further discussion on Blisterstring. 

Tommy Jansson