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Blue ice. Platonic 001=Evidence ECD 26064-2 [5 tracks on CD] 1991.

Jimmy Dawkins: v,g. Halldor Bragason: g. Gudmundur Petursson: g. Harald Thorsteinsson: b. Åsgir Oskarsson: d. Johann Hjörleifsson: d.

  1. Feel so bad (5.20)
  2. Welfare line (7.36)
  3. That´s alright (6.36)
  4. You don´t love me (4.08)
  5. Nightlife (8.35)
 Blue Ice cover

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Jimmy´s comeback! Recorded during an Icelandic tour this is Jimmy´s first recorded tracks in a long time. The most interesting thing about this album is that Jimmy have found his guitar again. After ten years of thumbplucking Jimmy attacked the guitar as in his younger days. The songs reflects a typical Jimmy Dawkins show, some classics and an original or two in between. The band is a local icelandic one and they do a good job, their leadguitarist is inspired of the white english guitar heroes.

Tommy Jansson