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Blues and pain. Ichiban DOG 9108-2. 1994.

Jimmy Dawkins: v,g. Ray Scott: d. Bryan Cole: d. Lebron Scott: b. Wayne Goins: g. Steve Mcray: keyb. Ted Dortch: ts(4). Ernie Baker: trumpet(4).

  1. Right to quit you (3.54)
  2. No pain (5.45)
  3. Blues and soul (3.31)
  4. Lonely guitar man (5.17)
  5. Fool in heah (5.38)
  6. Gitar jive (4.20)
  7. Know your lover (4.38)
  8. Driftin` sand (3.52)
  9. Down with the blues (6.44)
  10. Who done it (3.53)

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Review (++++)

When I saw this album I immediately fell in love! Jimmy Dawkins is standing against a brick wall, looking mean and bitter at the same time. It´d take three year for Jimmy to record again after the Earwig deal. This time he did it on the small Atlanta based label Wild Dog. I was afraid this was going to be another "I got hair on my chest I´d like to show it" album like "Kant sheck dees bluze". Luckily enough this is not the case here. In fact this is not only a good album, it´s in my opinion one of the best albums Jimmy Dawkins made!

Tommy Jansson