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Chicago Blues Nights
MCM 900.306 [LP] = Storyville STCD 8032 [CD]. Two tracks on anthology.
Chicago 10 Nov. 1976. Released 1987?

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v. Richard Kirch: g. Sylvester Boines: b. Tyrone Centuray, d.

  1. Welfare Line
  2. You don´t love me

Review (++++)

These tracks appeared on a MCM-sampler in the eighties. They are recorded at the same time and place as the album Come back, baby. Again, I´m amazed at the bad judgement MCM had when they choose tracks for that Lp. These two tracks on the sampler should have replaced a couple of the tracks. We should be thankful that there now are six bonustracks from the Come back session, six tracks which almost all are better than the tracks on the Lp!


Tommy Jansson