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Come back baby. MCM 900.295 [LP]=Storyville STCD 8035 with 4 added tracks [CD]. 1976

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v. Richard Kirch: g. Jimmy Johnson: g (on track 6). Sylvester Boines: b. Tyrone Centuray, d.

  1. Come back baby (5.49)
  2. I got wise (8.35)
  3. Cross road blues (5.54)
  4. Blue Shadows Falling (5.23)
  5. Hard road to travel (6.48)
  6. Ode to Billie Joe (8.06)

    On CD only
  7. Big Duke's
  8. J.D.'s Jam
  9. Nature Ball
  10. Pretty Woman

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November 10th. 1976. Out from the studio - in to "Big Duke´s". Richard Kirch on guitar. Sylvester Boines on bass and Tyrone Centuray on drums - and Jimmy Dawkins on guitar and vocals. This could have been great. This could have been an epic Lp! If there had been some people other than the recording engineers in the club... if the band had talked over which songs they´re going to play... If the producers had thought of something else than a lonesome black man playing sad and lonely slow blues... What´s left on the Lp is Jimmy Dawkins´ Guitar - and this takes the album a long way.

The cd on the other hand is something else, and a side note to Joerg Leukel at Joe´s Corner - Now the album kicks ass! Of the the four added tracks on the cd three of them are fast songs, two heavy instrumentals - they´re among the best Jimmy ever recorded, and two standard Albert King songs transformed by Jimmy´s wild, weird and visionary soloing to totally different experiences. The band which seems to be sleeping on the Lp suddenly are groovier than James Brown in 1970. The sound quality still is not the best, Jimmy´s voice never gets a chance, but who cares when he lets his guitar do the talking.

Tommy Jansson