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Fast Fingers Delmark DS-623[LP]=Delmark DD-623 [CD]. 1969

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v. Eddie Shaw: ts. Lafayette Leake: p. Mighty Joe Young: g. Joe Harper: b. Ernest Gatewood: b. Lester Dorsie: d.

  1. It serves me right to suffer (4.10)
  2. I wonder why (3.07)
  3. I´m good for nothing (5.14)
  4. Triple trebles (2.45)
  5. I finally learned a lesson (3.44)
  6. You got to keep on trying (4.13)
  7. Night rock (3.23)
  8. Little angel child (4.00)
  9. I don´t know what love is (5.57)
  10. Breaking down (5.32)
  11. Sad And Blues (4:51) (CD only)
  12. Back Home Blues (3:30) (CD only)

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Fast Fingers is Jimmy Dawkins first solo album. He´d played on some other Delmark releases, but now he headed his own group. This is a good album, but it kind of feels like its´s a Sixties folk blues album, e.g. the market for the album is not the black community but the students at Chicago University. But there are moments of pure enjoyment here! It´s Dawkins first solo album,  it´s a solid blues album and it might be the most West Side Jimmy ever recorded.

Tommy Jansson