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Feel the blues. JSP 1093 [LP]=JSP CD 206 with 2 tracks added from anthology JSP 1097=JSP CD 282 with one alternate take [CD] = JSPCDBLUESBOX1]. 1985.

Jimmy Dawkins: v,g. Rick Kurch: g. Professor Eddie Lusk: keyb. Fred Barnes: b. Michael Scott, d. Nora Jean Wallace: v(5). J.T Burks: hca(2).

  1. Feel the blues (4.46)
  2. Highway man blues (7.52)
  3. Last days (8.20)
  4. (If you got to) Love somebody (6.10)
  5. Christmas time blues (5.19)
  6. Have a little mercy (8.12)
    On CD only:
  7. We got go 5.30)
  8. So Good to me (6.30)
  9. So Good to me (alt take) (5.16)

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In 1984 Jimmy got a contract with John Stedman, owner of the English JSP label. JSP, just as Black & Blue in the Seventies, have been accused of recording some pretty bad stuff. JSP should though have credit for recording several artists who shamefully enough didn´t have record contracts elsewhere, e.g. Buddy Guy, Jimmy Dawkins, Lefty Dizz, Carey Bell and many more. JSP also was one of the first blues labels which foresighted the CD-revolution. Jimmy Dawkins JSP album is unfortunately not one of the better albums on JSP, and it´s definitely not one of Jimmy Dawkins strongest albums. Staffan Solding have written the liner notes and his name makes me feel sad and blue. He was the DJ on the Swedish radio program "Mera Blues" for many years. Today there´s no blues programs whatsoever on Swedish Radio. It´s a shame! If you like you can listen to the entire album at Yahoo Broadcast

Tommy Jansson