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Hot wire 81. Isabel 900.508 [LP]=Evidence ECD 26043-2 [CD] 1981.

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v. Richard Kirch: g. Sylvester Boines: b. James Schutte: d.

  1. You just a babychild (6.00)
  2. Ruff times (5.40)
  3. Welfare line (8.30)
  4. Kold actions (7.25)
  5. Roc-kin-sole (5.10)
  6. Peepers music 4.50)
  7. My way (5.15)

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Review (++++)

After "Come back baby" Jimmy Dawkins stopped recording and cut down on his touring. It´d take five years before he returned to a recording studio. The odds that this should be a good album where not high. It´s done during an European tour with very little time in the studio. One fact that turns it into such a good album is the band, Richard Kirch and Sylvester Boines, both who had played with him for years and Jimi Schutte on drums. They make a great band! Around 1980 Isabel recorded several very interesting albums, the one that comes immediately to my mind is Buddy Guys "Blues Giant" album where Buddy for the first time ever managed to play in the studio what he had done on the road for years. It´s interesting to compare Buddy Guys and Jimmy Dawkins Isabel albums - Buddy Guy works up a frenzy and intense climax, Dawkins plays more soft and laid-back than he ever had done before. The fastfinger guitar with a killer tone is gone. Now Jimmy plucks the strings with his bare hands and the tone is relatively soft. Instead it´s his voice which is the important factor. Never before or after have I enjoyed Jimmy's singing more than on this album. The liner notes by Armand Meignan tells it all: "Dawkins has no wish whatsoever to dazzle, he possesses the highest degree of the art of eloquence and relevance."
This is actually the first Jimmy Dawkins album I bought, in the summer of 1987 I think, and since then it´s been one of my favorite LP´s. (I still prefer to play my LP collection!)

Tommy Jansson