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I want to know. MCM 900.290 [LP]=Storyville STCD 8048 [CD]. 1975.

Jimmy Dawkins, vcl, gtr; Jimmy Johnson, gtr; Sylvester Boines, bs; Tyrone Smith [=Centuray?], dms; Andrew "Big Voice" Odom, vcl-1

  1. I want to know (8.58)
  2. Rock me baby (5.00)
  3. I wonder why (4.39)
  4. Cold sweet blues (7.10)
  5. Driving wheel (5.30)
  6. Will my baby be home tonight (5.38)
  7. The way she walks (CD)
  8. I have been mistreated(CD)
  9. Are you ready -1 (CD)
  10. Watermelon man unissued
  11. For your precious love unissued
  12. Things I used to do unissued
  13. Instrumental unissued
  14. Same old blues unissued
  15. Instrumental unissued
  16. Everything gonna be alright unissued

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Review (+++)

Jimmy Dawkins was among the first who Marcelle Morgantini recorded during her Chicago visits. Jimmy´s band at this time, featuring Jimmy Johnson on guitar, Sylvester Boines on base and Tyrone Smith (prob. Centuray) oin drums, was the toughest and meanest and funkiest bluesband at the time. In fact, these musicians backed several other artists on Marcelle´s recordings. Listen too Hip Linkchain´s album (reissued on Storyville) where Tyrone Centuray plays old time Chicago blues with an amazing intensity and force. With Jimmy Dawkins the music seldom was the old time blues, Jimmy excelled in funky workouts and blue minor key masterpieces. This album was recorded October 16th 1975 at Ma Bea´s and it´s better than the other MCM album Jimmy recorded one year later, mostly because Jimmy and the band works together and because the music is more varied. But, I wouldn´t want to be without the almost bizarre guitar tone in "Come back, baby". On Come back baby, the cd bonus tracks turned the lp into a whole new album. The extra tracks on I want to know doesn´t add anything new.

Tommy Jansson