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Jimmy Dawkins. Vogue LDM 301.49. [LP]=Vogue VG 671; 670417 "Chicago on my mind - Living the Blues" [CD]. 1971

Jimmy Dawkins: v,g .Mickey Baker: g. George Arvanitas: org. Jacky Sanson: contrabase. Michel Denis: d.

  1. The way she walks (4.30)
  2. Lick for licks (4.19)
  3. Don´t bring me your troubles, baby (6.22)
  4. I wonder why you do things you do to me (4.05)
  5. Let me have my way (4.39)
  6. Chicago on my mind (7.53)
  7. I´ve been walking all night long (3.14)
  8. Blues in the ghetto (3.14)
  9. Out of business (5.23)
  10. Low down dirty dog (3.45)
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Review (++)

1971 Jimmy Dawkins went to Europe and when he was in Paris he took the time to record this album. The band is 2/3 French, the only American player is Mickey Baker on guitar (The Mickey Baker?). The liner notes tells it all: "Even the less informed listener will understand, in hearing this collection, the extent that this music, so charged with emotion and contained violence, corresponds to the mixed feelings of frustration and hope of the black population of the great American cities." Well, well. Anyway I kind of like this album, in my opinion it´s one of the best of Dawkins European albums. (Which might say more of the other albums than this...)

Tommy Jansson