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Kant sheck dees bluze. Earwig 4920 CD=Blue Sting CD 024. 1991

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v. Nora Jean Wallace: v(4,8). Professor Eddie Lusk: p,org. Johnny b. Gayden: b. Billy Flynn: g. Ray Scott: g.

  1. I ain´t got it (4.14)
  2. Rockin D. Blues (5.51)
  3. Made the hard way (5.51)
  4. A love like that (4.08)
  5. Kant sheck dees bluze (9.09)
  6. Gittar rapp (4.55)
  7. Too bad baby (4.30)
  8. My man loves me (4.13)
  9. Get on the ball (5.10)
  10. Wes cide bluze (4.57)
  11. Beetin nockin ringin (7.08)
  12. Luv sumbody (4.02)
  13. Gotta hold on (6.10)

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Jimmy Dawkins recorded a couple of more albums, on the English JSP label, in the eighties. I haven´t heard the live album, but the studio album was for me a big disappointment. After the JSP sessions Jimmy stopped recording and concentrated instead on his newly formed record label, Leric. The first signs of his return to the living (well, at least his return to recording) was the live recordings he cut during an Iceland tour in 1991. The same year Jimmy went into a studio in Chicago with Eddie Lusk on organ, Johnny B. Gayden on bass, Billy Flynn on guitar and Ray Scott on drums, and the result is what I´m going to review. It´s all recorded on one day, June 18, 1991, and as a listener you can notice that. There don´t seem to be no time for rehearsing, second takes or talking the session over. It´s a "get into the studio and play your ass off" feeling. I read this is how Jimmy Dawkins likes to record, get in the studio and blast off. The band works, but they´re not very exciting. Well, well, enough complaining, the songs:

Tommy Jansson