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Me, my guitar and the Blues. Ichiban D2-24909-2. 1997.

JimmyDawkins: v,g .Francine Reed: v (track 3). Lebron Scott: b. Mike Lorenz: g. Steve McCray: kbd. Frank Amato: kbd (3,6). Bryan Cole: d.

  1. Back to school (4.58)
  2. You don´t want me (4.27)
  3. Down, down baby (3.22)
  4. I´m running (6.07)
  5. Tuff girl (4.56)
  6. Me, my guitar and the Blues (6.48)
  7. Jimmy´s bag (3.38)
  8. True love (6.11)
  9. Back street blues (3.48)
  10. Cold as hell (4.52)

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Review (+++)

Shucks! This album is stone heavy. When I first heard it I was confused, but after playing it loud a couple of times I began to realize the albums potential. This album really is what all of Dawkins last outputs have pointed towards at. Down-home heavy shuffles with drums that´ll shake if not your soul at least your ribs. Sometimes that´s enough.

Tommy Jansson