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Montruex Blues Festival. Excello 28026 [8 tracks on Anthology] 1972.

Jimmy Dawkins: v,g. Louis Myers, g. David Myers, b, Lafayette Leake, p. Fred Below, d.

  1. Casino trick stick (2.50)
  2. Five long years (4.47)
  3. Dust my broom / Sweet home Chicago (5.06)
  4. Whole lotta lovin´ (3.02)
  5. Im´gonna move to the outskirts of town (7,40)
  6. You don´t love me (3.00)
  7. Close down boogie (2.22)
  8. Got my mojo working (6,30) (Guitar only. Lightning Slim vocals)
 Montreux Blues Festival

Review (+++)

Excello gave Jimmy Dawkins a low down dirty deal . They recorded one overproduced monster of a blues album, Transatlantic 770, and then, more by chance than planned, these live tracks. Why did they bother to sign up Jimmy? It´s strange how some labels in the seventies contracted contemporary blues artists and then didn´t know what to do with them. Luther Allison is the prime example. His years at Tamla Motown was if not a waste of time, at least didn´t show what he could have done at the time. Ok, back to Jimmy. Montreux Jazz Festival in 1972 held several big names from the blues and rockn´roll field. Excello sent four of their top artists, Dr Ross, Bessie Griffin, Lightning Slim with Whispering Smith and Jimmy Dawkins, and these four artists share a double album.

Jimmy Dawkins is backed by the Aces and Lafayette Leake on piano, and they do a great job. In fact, outside the three Delmark albums, this is the best back up band Jimmy had on record in the seventies. The Myers brothers and Fred Below really knows how to play a shuffle so it swings. Kent Ersson in Jefferson 34 says Louis Myers complained that Jimmy played too loud and that the band was heavily delayed so that half of the audience already had gone home when the show started. But as Kent Ersson also says, as a listener you can´t tell there are any tensions in the band. The music is real good. What you maybe can feel, is that since the songs are quite short, the half filled concert arena didn´t rocket Jimmy´s playing to the stars. The Excello album is still the best live album by Jimmy (I haven´t heard All Blues). The two MCM albums could have been fantastic, the band is awesome, but somehow the real magic is only partly there. There might not have been magic in the air in Montreux either, but you could expect at least Siegfried and Roy to walk in at the end...

Tommy Jansson