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American Roots :Blues Ichiban / Ryko B000065T2W, 2002

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v.

1. Lonesome Blues
2. Begging Business
3. Can't Hide My Love
4. Down, Down Baby (featuring Francine Reed)
5. Me, My Gitar And The Blues
6. Cold As Hell
7. Right To Quit You
8. Lonely Guitar Man
9. Know Your Lover
10. Down With The Blues

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Review (+++)

A collection of Dawkins´ three Ichiban albums from the 1990´s. For individual comments on each song, please look at the separate cd´s. As always a collection seldom is larger than it´s parts. Lonely Guitar Man is still the best song Jimmy have recorded since the first song on Hot Wire 81.

Tommy Jansson