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Transatlantic 770. Excello 8024. 1972

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v. Joe Jammer: g. Bubbles White: g(1). Pete Wingfield: p,org. Novelle Williams: org (5). Tony Stevens: b. Bob Brunning: b (5). Reggie Isidore: d. Chris Mercer: ts,org (3). Cecil Moss: trumpet. Billy Graham: trombone. Dick Party: ts,bs. Mike vernon: perc. Voices: Rosa Dotson, Velma Smith, Novelle Williams.

  1. Things I used to do (3.07)
  2. Make my way in this world (4.30)
  3. Think twice before you speak (3.20)
  4. 1011 Woodland (3.44)
  5. The mighty hawk (4.58)
  6. All for business (5.40)
  7. High cost of living (2.32)
  8. Stoned dead (4.18)
  9. Love and understanding (4.30)
  10. No more trouble (3.16)
 Transatlantic 770 Lp cover

Review (+)

The Excello record deal proved to be a big disappointment in Jimmy's career. This album is recorded in London with around twenty musicians, producers and others involved. I guess Excello had a plan for Dawkins, but that Jimmy never fitted in to them. "Transatlantic 770" is overproduced and after Delmark´s solid blues albums this one feels experimental and "freaked out". Too bad. The signs of something good is there. Jimmy´s guitar are at times brilliant and his voice is really good.

Tommy Jansson