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Tribute to Orange. Black & Blue 33.038 [LP; also issued as 33.538 & 33.556]=Black & Blue 59.556-2=Evidence ECD 26031-2 with added tracks from Black & Blue 33.510 [CD]. 1971

Jimmy Dawkins: g,v. Gatemouth Brown: g. Cousin Joe: p. Mac Thompson: b. Ted Harvey: d.

  1. Off business (5,54)
  2. You´ve got to keep trying (6.08)
  3. Ain´t never had nothing (3.11)
  4. Born in poverty (4.36)
  5. Marcelle Morgantini´s cassoulet (6.00)
  6. Your love (3.25)
  7. Tribute to Orange (4.21)
  8. Mississippi bound (6.30)
    On CD only:
  9. Life Is a Mean Mistreater (6:08)
  10. Mean Atlantic Ocean (5:41)
  11. It Serves You Right to Suffer (3:39)
  12. Marcelle Jacques et Luc (3:53)
  13. Ode to Billie Joe (2:59)

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Review (++)

Jimmy won an award for "Fast Fingers", an award he got in the French town Orange. This album, recorded during an European tour in November 1971, is Dawkins tribute to the town. When I bought this very ugly looking LP, I had high expectations. After listening to the album for the first time I was very very disappointed and I still am! I almost can´t stand to listen to this album. Let me state that Jimmy Dawkins is great on the album. He plays excellent fluent guitar with a nasty sound and his singing is also among his best. It´s the band that gets to me. They are the worst band, by far, I heard back Jimmy Dawkins. Especially Gatemouth Brown on rhythm guitar and Cousin Joe on piano manage to destroy every good intention Jimmy Dawkins has. This could have been such a good album! Buy it for Jimmy's sake. Listen to the guitar. Try to forget the band. I can´t and that´s why I can´t listen to the album.

On the cd there are four tracks added from Black & Blue 33.510 with Otis Rush, gtr; Jerome Van Jones, org, James Green, bs and Bob Plunkett, dms. A better band, but still not enough the change the review for the cd.

Tommy Jansson