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Joerg Leukel in Joe´s Corner.A great blues site in Germany. The Jimmy Dawkins section is outstanding. 65 pages are devoted to Jimmy Dawkins! Lyrics, reviews, bio and everything else you wanted to know about Jimmy Dawkins. Joerg has also collected almost all Jimmy Dawkins pictures on the Internet and organized them on his site. Don´t forget to join his monthly Dawkins newsletter. It´s always filled with new and interesting information.

Curtis Rock, New Jersey Bluesman nr 1, have made a beautiful site with pictures, song lists and RealAudio! Listen to Jimmy Dawkins play the blues. Mr Rock has also scanned all Jimmy´s CD-covers. Definitely worth a visit.

Blue Room Promotion They arrange and promote brittish tours with Jimmy Dawkins.

Blues Music An english site with some interesting facts. They also have a link to a booking agent (see the link above)

The Butanes Stompin´ R&B, deep soul and heavy blues. They have backed up Jimmy Dawkins - and made a nice page with photos and Dawkins memories

All Music Guide It´s as great as usual.

BMI Repertoire Song Title Database. Well, They list songs Jimmy Dawkins have made.

Delmark records Delmark, Jimmy´s first record label where he have recorded three of his best albums. Delmark is also one of my favorite labels!

Jimmy Dawkins former drummer Jimi Schutte has a nice site with some Dawkins info. Well worth a visit!

Soto Sound Jimmy recently (early 2003) led a recording done by Nora Jean Bruso at Soto Sound. Interesting studio

If you have other news or links, please contact me.

Tommy Jansson