Buddy Guy´s greatness is he always leaves his audience feeling that the next time maybe Buddy could stretch his performance a little bit more, Buddy is always on the limit, but he never really crosses it. Albert King relied on his enormous tone and bending. He hammered down his notes - bang - bang - straight down into the stomachs and hearts of his audiences. Otis Rush mixes greatness with some magic moments. Part of his greatness is that you never know how the concert is going to be. Luther Allison was the true showman, knowing exactly what his audience wanted and then giving it to them.- but sometimes his love for the guitar made him transcend beyond the pure entertainer If I should compare Jimmy Dawkins to these guitar heroes, he´s the most personal and complex guitarist of them all. The concentration and passion he showed in his long solos, he seemed to playing as much for himself as for the audience, spoke of a man in full control of his instrument - only at some moments he showed what a Dawkins slightly out of control could play.