Volkswagen K70 Nostalgic!

"Volkswagen K70 LS -74"
A picture from Gränna, Here the rear fender werenīt painted yet.

Some other facts:

  • VW k70 LS -1974

  • 100hk Engine, it has run 30000 kilometers after overhaul.

  • Sunroof.

  • Colour = Mossgreen metalic (VWL95C)

  • Doors, boot and hood exchanged.

  • Transmission, brakesdiscs and most parts in front chassis exchanged.

  • Unfortunately the car had been hit in the frontchassis and itīs
       needed to straigthen up, itīs almost not visible.

  • I sell this car because i has no space to put it and time defiency.
       I hope to find some one who can take care of every part and restore the car.

  •    Itīs with broken heart i sell the car ,but i have to.
  • The construction of the K70 is the most well thought-out construction that
       you can find so easy to repair. If you have mend a K70 before you know what
       i talking about. Of course it has weak points like other car makes,
       but it was yet before itīs time... Because itīs in reality a NSU

  • This car can you find in the area of Södertälje in Sweden!

  • It has been taken out of traffic from october 1991.

  • The cylinder is inoiled so that the engine will survive and it has been
       runned at 4-5 times on the period.

  • With the car is a driving-journal with information about the car from 1985 and forward.

  • The Car is sold! Enjoy the pictures :)

    K70 LS 1974 ( The car )
    K70 LS 1974 ( From engine )
    K70 LS 1974 ( Interior pictures )
    K70 LS 1974 ( A red car i was near to buy some time )
    Some another nostalgic car pictures.

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    Please, send me an e-mail, it's fun to have mail from K70 Fan over the world:Georg S

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