its me!

All my schematics i had on a Swedish server is lost! I will try to fix that soon!

I wont make any promises but my web site will stay upploaded for time being. Okay!

Some backgrounds

While playing in a few local rockbands
I started fooling around with my equipment.
I had a Vox AC50, Orange combo and a Swedish made amp at that time.

Inspired by Craig Andertons book Electronic projects for musicians
i started to build my own effects.....actually i started before that..
but Craig's book showed me how to build everything....and i did!

Several years later I've got myself a technical education(-84).
I had this education refreshed -96/97.

Here are some pic's from rockbands i've been playing in

Masala rockband
It's me at the lower left
Yes, an Indian guru played with us this summer of-81!

"Ls In Oss"
("lock us up")
A collection of 'toys' in my room-82

Robin and i started a musical experience summer 1995.
The idea was to unlook our hidden possibilites in creating music. We recorded endless of hours!
Most of it sounds like s....! but we had a lot of fun!
Here are a few examples
I'm visiting Robin T
Here is Robin alone

My music equipment:

Fender Vibro Champ XD, Bugera V-22

Zoom RT-223

SAMICK SARC-902, Fender Stratocaster, Epiphone NightHawk, ESP bass guitar,
handmade spanish nylon guitar from Valencia-Spain and a Sigma acustic steel.

MXR Flanger, GR-1(Guitar synth), BOSS GT-8, BOSS GX-700, Vox Wha-Swell, EH Smallstone Phaser,
and some homebuild effects like my Rack unit (11 effects),
Modified Morley Wha, FuzzFace, Craig As octav divider and much more...

About the Schematics:

For several years i've collected schematics and drawings of various electronic gadgets.
With the internet I found a way to share them with the rest of the world.
These schematics are free to use!

I must declare though that i'm not responsible for any injuries or other accidents that happens
if you make use of the information on my web site.
Knowledge in basic electronics and a good solder techniqe is therefor a must!


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