As the Oasis song Cast No Shadow is dedicated to the genius of Richard Ashcroft,
so is this site.

It´s been up and running since 18th Feb 2000 and it has been quite a
ride as the site has been growing and there have been a few roadbumps
and redesigns during these years.

The site has some copyright material on it and if someone has a problem with it,
send me a mail. I know that when the Verve first split up Richard Ashcroft was
very excited by the way fans can gather around a site and keep the spirits running.
Therefore I believe, particularly as the official site is an electronic desert (e-desert, he he),
that Mr Ashcroft himself really likes this site even though a few mp3:s are on it.

I want to thank you all who have helped me with news updates, lyric corrections,
interview transcribing and encouragements in general. Keep up the good work and
keep listening to the music you love.