richard ashcroft related
- simon´s been hard at work
- promises much
- a few goodies here (not updated for years though)
- the ashcroft section
- the ashcroft section
- for some vids and exclusive live clips
- the ashcroft section
- great ashcroft section
- a fine interview
- great interview
verve sites

- the site that should be the official verve site
- amazing multimedia section (and more)
- basically a disco/videography and an interview.
other sites in no particular order
- my own band
- home of HUT-bands
- new compilation out ace
- always
- icelandic surprise
- swell downloads and answers a few of your questions.
- great band.
- great band.
- probably the best electronica band around, listen to 'hinken', fantastic.
- the best guide in the world to swedish house music
- good ol radio 1

- the best source to dreamy music