:: 20000506
i´m proud to present 'money to burn' in the audio section
:: 20000503

the official richard ashcroft site reveals some information about the line up for the v2000 show and the single to follow 'money to burn':

"Richard's band for the show will include his wife Kate (formerly of Spiritualized) on keyboards, ex-Verve drummer Pete Salisbury, bassist Pino Palladino (who played on the album) and lap-steel guitarist BJ Cole. The show will include both new and old songs including "Bittersweet Symphony", but not as we have heard it before - according to Richard; "I'd like to play it, I might strip it down to the real essence of what it is, a really raw blues song" The piece also speculates about the single to follow "Money To Burn", citing "Brave New World" and "Get My Beat" as possible choices."

:: 20000502
i was planning to add 'money to burn' to the audio section but my real player chopped it up too bad it´s inaudible. anyone got it on mp3? lyrics? mail me.
:: 20000502

information taken from the official richard ashcroft site:

"Alone With Everybody" will be released in the UK on June 26th 2000. tracklisting as follows ;

1. A Song For The Lovers
2. I Get My Beat
3. Brave New World
4. New York
5. You On My Mind (In My Sleep)
6. Crazy World
7. On A Beach
8. Money To Burn
9. Slow Was My Heart
10. C'Mon People (We're Making It Now)
11. Everybody

don´t forget to tune in to the evening session tonight. steve lamaque´s playing the new single 'money to burn' sometime between 2100 and 2300 [CET]. don´t forget to vote for the song on lamaque´s buzz chart.

:: 20000427

NME reported the new single will be 'money to burn' and is due the 12th of june. featured b-sides will be 'leave me high' and 'xxyy'. NME also reports that a few gigs will be made later this summer in the south of france and a tour in england is planned sometime in december. spend your vacations in france this summer!

due to problems with my audio storage i can only have one song at a time on this site. this week´s song will be 'lord i´ve been trying', taken from the urban hymns sessions and is scheduled to be featured on the richard ashcroft solo album 'alone with everybody' which will be released on the 26th of june. the tracklisting of the album is not official yet.

:: 20000417
been away for a while, sorry...anyway, the single landed at no3 in the uk chart last week and a radio1 interview is available via their website. the official site has been updated too with a message board and a mailinglist.
:: 20000406

since fortunecity.com where i have stored my audio files has decided that all music files are "warez" (what a farce!) they have deleted them all. i am currently looking for another way to store the files. suggestions please.

:: 20000402
updated lyrics for 'precious stone' and '(could be) a country thing, city thing, blues thing'. the orange coloured cover for 'a song for the lovers' is the sleeve for the promo, the grey one you will find in stores is now added to the audio section.
[thanks a lot sou!]
:: 20000331
for those who didn´t notice i just wanted to say the site´s got a major cleanup tonight. for your pleasure.
:: 20000330
the man is appearing at the jo wiley show on radio one, on friday, 7th april, sometime between 13:00 and 15:00 [CET]. it is webcast here in real audio.[thanks to barbara neill-bottle on the mailing list].

picked up the face today, nice interview with the man and some really fine pictures. worth yer money mate.

'a song for the lovers' kommer enligt skivhugget att släppas den 5:e april i sverige.
:: 20000325
NME reports that richard ashcroft´s got a son. congrats! one can wonder if the name, sonny, is inspired by eighties series 'miami vice' and gorgeus detective sonny crockett. the horns in the intro of ' a song for the lovers' sure are : )
:: 20000322
according to NME there are some rare footages from 'behind the scenes' on the official richard ashcroft site. their server is probably not ready for the amount of visitors ´cause it´s not working for me anyway. keep an eye on it in the future though...
:: 20000321
ive had a busy night.
added a links section. anyone who feel they should be on it, give me a call.
check out the witness site for mp3:s of both b-sides to 'a song for the lovers'.
i have also added lyrics for 'could be a country thing, city thing, blues thing'.
:: 20000314
a demo version of 'lord i´ve been trying' has been added to the audio section.
:: 20000313
added a guestbook. sign it kids, sign it.
:: 20000311

a few changes has been made to the audio section.

there´s an interview with richard ashcroft in fridays edition of the Guardian [thanks again ezra].

:: 20000307

speculations in 'the sun' say that kate radley [pictured to the left of richard on the index page of this site] will be his next manager. he has been without manager since the sacking of jazz summers last year [thanks ezra]. anyway, 'the sun' is a tabloid based on rumours so it´s not really a reliable source of information.

NME reported today that richard will be headlining this year´s V2000 and that it will be the only appearance from him this year. it seems peter salisbury and bj cole will join him on stage. tickets are out march 14.

:: 20000306
a cosmetic change of the site has been made. please click on 'contact' and give me some feedback, ok ? have fun.
:: 20000229

added lyrics to 'precious stone' and updated the one for 'a song for the lovers'.
perhaps i shouldn´t speculate on this, but is our friend richie having a problem putting a band together ? by judging from what noel gallagher pointed out in an interview in NME and the fact that richard´s not going to play any festivals this year, it seems that way. this is just me, speculating, please don´t pay any attention to it, at all.

:: 20000222
radio1 played 'precious stone', the b-side for 'a song for the lovers', tonight and it is of course added to your favourite richard ashcroft audio section. enjoy...
:: 20000221
added 'new york' and 'come on people' to the audio section. note that these versions are taken from the urban hymns sessions and that the final versions featured on the album we all are waiting for, probably won´t sound anything like these old recordings.
:: 20000218

so...a website devoted to the works of richard ashcroft has seen the light of day. here you will find some real audio music and information from and about mr ashcroft alone, not from the verve since those days are over. for verve information you can check out anyone of the million verve sites around the net. contributions and comments are very welcome.

as most of you know mr ashcrofts new single 'song for the lovers' will be released through HUT on the 3rd of april. b-sides will be 'precious stone' and '(could be) a country thing, city thing, blues thing'. the album is due 3 june. check out the audio section for some fine sounds [the quality is not very good, i know, but it´s a survival thing, i don´t want to get killed by a record company].