Check The Meaning on Radio1 tonight!

Check The Meaning will, according to Rory Flynn on the Cast No Shadow forum, be played on Radio1 tonight. Sometime between 8 and 10. Are you tuning in?

Rumours + dates

A single is, according to a few sources, being released on september 23rd. Its called Check The Meaning. The album Human Conditions will probably be released sometime in october. The tracklisting is not yet revealed but a post on the official message board stated it will be:

1.check the meaning
2.bright lights
3.nature is the law
4.running away
5.lord ive been trying
6. paradise
7.buy it in bottles
8. god is in the numbers
9. the miracle
10.now and again
11.silence science

This information is not confirmed by anyone official though it looks probable. I have sent a mail to the promoters at VMG (and not expecting a reply, bastards). The Brian Wilson collaboration is track no:3, Nature Is The Law.

Also, the 4Scott-gig will be released on CD at aug 26th - I don´t know which tracks with Richard will be on it.

According to Virgin´s site, the Raft, the new official site will be at www.richardashcroft.com and it should be launched very soon.

I´m excited about whats going on, but I´m also irritated that there is no official info what so ever. What the hell is going on? Where are the press releases? The info we have is derived from interviews and rumours. And why haven´t anyone given me a promo of the new album yet? : )