:: 20001008
added a gig review of the milan gig (thanks emilliano!)
:: 20001006

well, the european tour is moving on as scheduled and I have added a review of the paris gig (thanks nic).more reviews are to come, meanwhile you can browse the setlists for the gigs he has played up to this date.

also added a few pictures, among others a signed photograph (thanks again stephan!).

:: 20001003
updated the rare section. go there, you will not believe your eyes.
:: 20000929

i have glued the lyrics and chord sections together into one section called music, there you can sing or play along to the streaming audio files that are there as well. the complete collection of every song he has released since becoming a solo artist...karaoke madness!

the section previously known as audio, is now called rare...

johan develder has been a good, good soul and written a review of the brussels gig (thank you), you can find it in the reviews and gigs section.

:: 20000928

added a small review of last nights berlin gig (thanks Askin), there you go kids, the man stepped off the stage 3 hours ago!

NME has been kind enough to make a Berlin gig review too, you know where you can find it huh?

:: 20000927

corrected the translation for the oslo gig review (thanks stephan) and also added the setlist for the gig in brussels, you can find it all in the gigs section.

from the official site: "Extra dates for Richard's December UK Tour have been added after the first few dates quickly sold out. Shows have been added at Manchester Apollo (4th), Glasgow Barrowlands (9th) and London Brixton Academy (15th)"

:: 20000925
done my best to translate a norwegian review of the oslo gig, you can find both the norwegian and the english version in the gigs and reviews sections.
:: 20000924

i have written a review of the stockholm gig, you can read it in the reviews or gigs section

song of the week is 'misty morning' one of my favourites from the sessions preceding urban hymns (which in a way was the start of richards solo career). you can listen to it in my audio section.

:: 20000920
added lyrics and chords for 'make a wish'
:: 20000919

added dates for the UK tour in december. they can be found in the gigs section.

tomorrow richard is in brussels doing a gig, i would really like to hear from anyone who will attend for some playlists and reviews.

:: 20000918
the us (and canada) dates for the november acoustic shows are confirmed. check them out in the gigs section. for information on pricing and how to get tickets you can check out the official site.
:: 20000915

added the NME and music365 reviews of c´mon people and the spin magazine review of alone with everybody to the reviews section

we lost the mercury music award to badly drawn boy, better luck next year richard! you can read more about the awards here

ezra posted a link to a very good on line interview made by jay babcock. read it here.

if you want to write a review of anything richard ashcroft, concerts, album, singles etc, please mail it to me, and i will add it to this site

:: 20000912
yesterdays webcast is up. you can view it from here.
:: 20000911

don´t forget: "Richard will be taking part in a live webcast and webchat on www.richardashcroft.co.uk at 7pm UK time on Monday September 11th 2000 in association with nme.com, freeserve and virtue tv. Richard will be playing tracks live and answering questions from this (the official) site."

rumours say today is richards birthday, congrats!

'c´mon people (we´re making it now)' is released today, go and get it!

:: 20000910

an extra date to the japanese tour is added (22nd Tokyo). richard said in fridays radio 1 interview that he will be off to america after the japanese tour and then he will get back to uk for a small tour in the beginning of december. does anyone have any dates or schedule for november/december. please mail them to me.

michael armstrong has added an mp3 of the acoustic c´mon people from the ITV CDUK show to his site. go there.

:: 20000908
added 'c´mon people (we're making it now)' from the radio 1 session earlier today (!), i have also added the interview that followed. due to server space problems i will add 'you on my mind on my sleep' from this session later...
:: 20000908

music 365 reports that richard ashcroft won the GQ magazine award 'solo artist of the year'. congratulations.

richard will be playing live on radio 1, the jo whiley show, today between 1300 and 1500 CET. the show is a part of a mercury music nominee presentation series. listen to the show from the radio 1 website

added another review of alone with everybody, this one is from mtv.com.

im getting my tickets for the stockholm show now...he he he, see you there

:: 20000904
a review of 'alone with everybody' is added from the ubl.com site.
:: 20000903
added a chords section. please e-mail me if you have any comments or corrections.
:: 20000901

taken from the official site:

"Saturday 2nd September Richard will be appearing on ITV's CDUK programme on Saturday at some point between 11.30am and 12.00pm. He will perform an acoustic version of his forthcoming single "Come On People (We're Making It Now) which is released on September 11th."

i would be very thankful if someone who watches the show could make an audiofile out of the acoustic 'c'mon people' and send it to me or upload it to my myplay account. please mail me.

:: 20000830
once again, don´t forget to post your questions to richard ashcroft for the upcoming webchat/webcast that is rescheduled to september 11th.7bst.
:: 20000828

music365 has listed and commented the nominees for the mercury music awards. they don´t bid richard the best of chances...winners are announced on the 12th of september

:: 20000827

this weeks song is yet another demo from the urban hymns sessions. it´s called 'lord i´ve been trying' and it was mentioned as a possible track for richards solo album but somehow was discarded (can you believe that?). it´s a streaming mp3 and the song is fantastic. if you have troubles playing it you should visit www.real.com and download their latest realplayer.

added the dotmusic review of the v2000 performance. for a further collection of reviews (external links though) you should visit the 'on your own' site. there you can also find a fine collection of articles. good work ezra and si!

the official site has displayed where you can buy tickets for the upcoming tour. go there and make your orders. i have made mine...

i´m busy right now transcribing the chords for 'alone with everybody' and the b-sides. i will add them to the site later this week

:: 20000823
the official site has got some pictures from the v2000 gigs. enter my picture section and you can reach them there.
:: 20000821

the reviews from v2000 are in. i have added them to the reviews and gigs sections. seem to have been magic evenings

forgot to tell you - 'alone with everybody' has been nominated for this years mercury music awards along with coldplay, doves and badly drawn boy.

:: 20000821

so the summer´s almost gone and a few of us (including me) didn´t think this site would survive. but it did. sorry if have made anyone confused...

i have added a gigs section where you also can find reviews of them by clicking on the links. the lyrics section is now complete, i will add chords as soon as i have them transcribed.

as most of you already know, richard was headlining the V2000 festival this weekend. keep an eye here for reviews in the near future. he has already made a successful appearance on the benicassim festival in spain earlier this summer and you can read a review in the gigs section.

a new single is out 11th september according to the official site, 'c´mon people (we´re making it now)' which is a fine choice for a single if you ask me. a demo version from the verve days is available in the audio section of this site. b-sides are 'make a wish' and a remix of 'a song for the lovers'. the video for it is available on the official site which showcases what a star mr ashcroft really is. click this link and you will get to the video section immediately.

richard´s beeing sued by his ex-manager jazz summers...more

NME will host a webchat 11th september at 7pm. go there.
massive thank you to everyone who wanted the site back, thanks. enjoy.

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